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Past Projects

keystone hatchery dargle day old chicksKeystone Hatchery

Keystone Hatchery is a chicken hatchery located in Dargle in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands. Keystone Hatchery hatches and delivers day old chicks to places within a 800km radius of the hatchery.

This website needed to have a clean and professional look. I felt that simplicity was key. 

Click here to go to Keystone Hatchery's website.



paralian exclusive guesthouse east londonThe Paralian Guesthouse

The Paralian is an executive guesthouse located on the East London Esplanade.

The Paralain has recently undergone a complete revamp and is exquisitly decorated. This website therefore had to reflect and contine the clean lines, statements colours and look and feel of sophistication and exclusivity.

Click here to go to The Paralian's website.



gately rotary Gately Rotary

Gately Rotary is the Rotary club based in East London.

It was important with this website, to maintain Rotary International's corporateidentity whilest still adding a bit of individualism. To add to the imformative aspects ofthis website I added video and an RSS feed to Rotary International. 

Click here to go to Gately Rotary's website.




newden quality products


Newden is a company that produces many different products. These include paint and varnishes, hardware products, cleaning products, hair products, candles and more.

The brief for this website included adding the human element to website. I used stock images to achieve this. This is a very content heavy website so I have to be very careful with the breakdown and categorisation of the content.

Click here to go to Newden's website. 



manderson hotel confrence centre stutterheim

The Manderson Hotel and Conference Centre

The Manderson Hotel and Conference Centre is an award winning three star hotel located at the foot of the Amathole Mountains in the town of Stutterheim. 

I endevoured to create this website in a way the reflects the professionality, elegance and high standard of the Manderson Hotel. I am responsible for the social media and the general online presence of the Manderson hotel and Conference Centre.

Click here to see the website.



romer cooler boxes ikusasa greenRÖMER Cooler Boxes

RÖMER Cooler Boxes are tough and durable cooler boxes which have had rave reviews.

I made this website with the goal of reflecting the ruggard, outddorsy nature of the cooler boxes. At the same time the website still needed to be professional and informative.

Click here to see the website.



vinkel en koljander coffee shop boutiqueVinkel en Koljander

Vinkel en Koljander is a vibrant and bustling coffee shop and ladies boutique.

What was important to me when creating this website was to make the website attractive ,funky and fun. It is important to show the energy and sophisication that is at the core of Vinkel en Koljander. And I carry this through to the social media platforms and online presence that I manage.

Click here to see the website.



escape route stutterheim tourismEscape Route

The Escape Route is a tourism inititative covering Stutterheim and surrounding areas.

With this project I felt is was very important to display the natural beauty of the area. I used a clean, uncluttered layout and many images to to obtain this objective. In managing the social media of the Escape Route I also emphasise the natural beauty as well as promoting local events.

Click here to see the website.



greater stutterheim fire proection agencyGreater Stutterheim Fire Protection Association

The Greater Stutterheim Fire Protection Association has been actively assisting in the management and suppression of veld and forest fires.

This website needed to reflect the dymanic, energetic and can-do attitude of the Greater Stutterheim FPA. I used bold colours and movement to portray this.

Click here to see the website.




Welcome to Jude Design


Web Design and Development

In an increasingly digital world, a company or organisation's website and online presence is becoming more and more important. A website is a central feature of most communcation strategies and marketing plans. It is therefore necessary to have a website which is user-friendly, effective and atttractive.

Ensuring that a website can automatically detect the type of device that it is being viewed on and respond by optimising itself for viewing on either a personal computer, tablet or smart phones is now essential.

Social Media Management

In an increasingly connected world social media is playing a greater role in our day to day lives and in the way companies and organisations communicate. Social media has provided companies and organisations a means to communicate directly with their clients, potential clients and target markets in a way that there has never been before. 

Through social media, companies and organisations can establish relationships with their followers and glean important information from reactions and statistics. It is very important to maintain a professional and consistant tone across all social media platforms. This helps to establish and communicate the distinct personality, values and culture of companies and organisations.

Jude Design can do all this for you.


Why do I need a website?

thoughtful judedesign website

We are living increasingly in two worlds, the first being the physical one that that we eat sleep and breathe in and the second being cyberspace.  We are spending more and more time doing things like replying to emails, catching up with friends on facebook, searching on google or chatting on skype. Whether we like it or not the internet has become a part of our day to day life. To lay claim to real estate in cyberspace is affordable and in many cases necessary to get your business, product or message to your intended market.

A website is an important part of a business’ communication strategy. It has become almost expected that businesses nowadays have a website as people increasingly turn to their computers for information on suppliers, producers, clients and new opportunities.  And by having a website the business’ products, services or information is available to prospective clients, investors or other interested parties 24 hours a day, seven days a week and from anywhere in the world.

Online shopping and ordering has become one of the biggest growing business sectors. Whether people can request quotes or order through your website or purchase online immediately more door are opened to a greater client base.

A website can be an invaluable tool to clubs and organisations. It showcases what the club or organisation is about, their values, beliefs and the club or organisation’s objections or goals. It can also be a portal through which members interact and can share thoughts, ideas and experiences. Photo galleries and event calendars make these websites dymanic and lively. If the organisation is a non-profit one a website is the cheapest and incredibly effective way of reaching potential donors, particularly if the donors are located in other countries.