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Keystone Hatchery

Keystone Hatchery is a chicken hatchery located in Dargle in the Kwa-Zulu Natal
midlands. Keystone Hatchery hatches and delivers day old chicks to places within a
800km radius of the hatchery.

This website needed to have a clean and professional look. I felt that simplicity was

Click here to go to Keystone Hatchery's website.

keystone hatchery day old chicks

The Paralian Guesthouse

The Paralian is an executive guesthouse located on the East London Esplanade.

The Paralain has recently undergone a complete revamp and is exquisitly decorated.
This website therefore had to reflect and contine the clean lines, statements colours
and look and feel of sophistication and exclusivity.

Click here to go to The Paralian's website.

paralian guesthouse east london luxury accommodation


Gately Rotary

Gately Rotary is the Rotary club based in East London.

It was important with this website, to maintain Rotary International's corporate
identity whilest still adding a bit of individualism. To add to the imformative aspects of
this website I added video and an RSS feed to Rotary International. 

Click here to go to Gately Rotary's website.

gately rotary east london club


Newden is a company that produces many different products. These include paint and
varnishes, hardware products, cleaning products, hair products, candles and more.

The brief for this website included adding the human element to website. I used stock
images to achieve this. This is a very content heavy website so I have to be very
careful with the breakdown and categorisation of the content.

Click here to go to Newden's website. 

newden quality household products

The Manderson Hotel and Conference Centre

The Manderson Hotel and Conference Centre is an award winning three star hotel
located at the foot of the Amathole Mountains in the town of Stutterheim. 

I endevoured to create this website in a way the reflects the professionality, elegance
and high standard of the Manderson Hotel. I am responsible for the social media and
the general online presence of the Manderson hotel and Conference Centre.

Click here to see the website.


manderson hotel confrence centre stutterheim

RÖMER Cooler Boxes

RÖMER Cooler Boxes are tough and durable cooler boxes which have had rave reviews.

I made this website with the goal of reflecting the ruggard, "outdoorsy" nature of the
cooler boxes. At the same time the website still needed to be professional and
informative. I added an interactive flash component to highlight the structural benefits of ths cooler boxes.

Click here to see the website.

romer cooler boxes ikusasa green



Vinkel en Koljander

Vinkel en Koljander is a vibrant and bustling coffee shop and ladies boutique.

What was important to me when creating this website was to make the website
attractive ,funky and fun. It is important to show the energy and sophisication that is
at the core of Vinkel en Koljander. And I carry this through to the social media
platforms and online presence that I manage.

Click here to see the website.

vinkel en koljander coffee shop boutique



Escape Route

The Escape Route is a tourism inititative covering Stutterheim and surrounding areas.

With this project I felt is was very important to display the natural beauty of the area.
I used a clean, uncluttered layout and many images to to obtain this objective. In
managing the social media of the Escape Route I also emphasise the natural beauty as
well as promoting local events.

Click here to see the website.


escape route stutterheim tourism



Greater Stutterheim Fire Protection Association

The Greater Stutterheim Fire Protection Association has been actively assisting in the
management and suppression of veld and forest fires.

This website needed to reflect the dymanic, energetic and can-do attitude of the
Greater Stutterheim FPA. I used bold colours and movement to portray this.

Click here to see the website.


greater stutterheim fire proection agency