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Web Design and Development

In an increasingly digital world, a company or organisation's website and online presence is becoming more and more important. A website is a central feature of most communcation strategies and marketing plans. It is therefore necessary to have a website which is user-friendly, effective and atttractive.

Ensuring that a website can automatically detect the type of device that it is being viewed on and respond by optimising itself for viewing on either a personal computer, tablet or smart phones is now essential.

Social Media Management

In an increasingly connected world social media is playing a greater role in our day to day lives and in the way companies and organisations communicate. Social media has provided companies and organisations a means to communicate directly with their clients, potential clients and target markets in a way that there has never been before. 

Through social media, companies and organisations can establish relationships with their followers and glean important information from reactions and statistics. It is very important to maintain a professional and consistant tone across all social media platforms. This helps to establish and communicate the distinct personality, values and culture of companies and organisations.

Jude Design can do all this for you.